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Border Collie Training Tips


Border Collie is a popular breed of dog and well known all over the world for its intelligenceand leadership ability. That is the reason this bred of dog is highly praised by all the farmhouse owners to manage their cattle as well as to manage and guard the livestock. This breed of dogs need to be involved in rigorous activities so that their energy can be utilized, otherwise the dog becomes unruly and destructive. The basic of the training is to teach them to work and not to act out of the norms.

Another important aspect of training of Border Collie is to teach him the meaning of voice modulation and the meaning of different commands. Different commands like sit, run, stand, go, go straight, go round should be cleared for his call and thus he will be able to act according to the will of his master/trainer.

The conversational mood of training is the best process for the Border collie because apart from learning the voice modulation the dog get the chance to communicate with his master/trainer thus strengthens the bond between the two.

The dog needs to teach to listen carefully and the quality of its alertness needs to be nourished. The breed of Border collie is alert in by nature; acting on a particular sound or unnatural sound from the area he is guarding should make him alert at once.

Border collie that is kept in house needs to be toilet trained. For that purpose, the trainer needs to take the dog near the premise of bathroom or place of potty in a particular time, preferably before or after meal. Gradually the dog will be accustomed with the norms.

If it is puppy to be trained, as they have least control on the bladder, they needs to be taken outside of the place or near the potty place after a certain time interval and gradually the puppy will be accustomed to the time gap and will learn to control the potty habit.

While training the dog, the trainer should never be repeating so that the dog becomes anticipating and leaves the habit of listening the habit of listening the command of the trainer.

It is not proper to scold any Border collie if he becomes non-responsive during the course of training. The perseverance level of the trainer needs to be consistent and when the dog will work according to the command of the trainer, he needs to be cuddled and pampered. That will encourage the dog to act according to the command of the trainer

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  4. Walking Politely on a Leash: The Informal Heel
  5. The Recall
  6. Good Puppy & Dog Manners
  7. Special Dog Tricks

All the techniques included in her program are compatible with Border Collie Dogs.

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