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Potty Training of Border Collie

Keeping a pet in the house converts it in home with the warm reception for its master and its cozy presence and sweet submission. A pet like Border Collie is an added treasure for a pet owner for its energetic nature and sports loving nature. But the potty training is an essential part of the domestication of the pet and when it is required to train a Border collie some basic things we need to remember that helps the master and the pet to communicate about the requirements and the comfort level at both the side.

Although potty training is provided based on some basic rule but it is absolutely customized and depends the discretion of the pet owner as well as the requirement of the pet itself. But before providing formal potty training the owner needs to be careful about the food quality of the pet, its bladder condition and its health and the fact if the pet is taking sufficient amount of water and generally what is the time he or she showing the urge or doing the mess inside the room. If it is simply routine job before or after meal it can be very simple - to take him out before and after meal and the pet will soon be able to understand the relation between taking him outside in a particular period and accordingly will adopt its potty training.

This principle is approachable mainly for the alder puppies or older dogs because they have already learnt to control their bladder and what they need to learn the requirement or the intending plan of the pet owner. It is the average motif of a pet to please his owner and if the dog gets to realize that his messing is not being liked by his owner he will try his level best not to repeat it again. At least it is 100% applicable for Border collie. But the owners also need to realize that dogs will not be able to understand the heritage value of any carpet or rarity of a potted orchid.

On the other hand the puppies have least control on their bladder and stomach and thus messes are more committed by the puppies. If it happens it is better not to scold the dog but to praise him if he does not make any mess during potty. The principle should be "no mess do praise", "if mess be neutral". The pet -owner needs to take the dog outside for potty in a particular time and initially in a particular interval. Slowly the puppy will adapt itself with the imposed routine.

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